Refugee Resettlement

The need to provide safe haven for refugees from all corners of our globe has never been higher. War, poverty, famine, violence, genocide, and much more are displacing many – with an estimated total of 70.8 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide.

RAICES is a designated refugee resettlement agency, welcoming and supporting refugees and their families from all over the world as they make their home in San Antonio.

Under the guidance of Einas Albadri, the RAICES Refugee Resettlement program welcomed over 300 individuals to San Antonio since 2017. RAICES administers self-sufficiency programs which included Refugee Cash Assistance and Match Grant benefits that are available for eligible individuals that include Refugees, Asylees, Certified Victims of severe forms of trafficking, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Certain Amerasians, and Special Immigrant Visa holders from Iraq & Afghanistan. Requirements and enrollment deadlines apply. We are always looking for community members interested in providing welcome and assistance to families as they adjust to new homes, new lives, new schools, and jobs in our community.

For information about client resources, please see our Resources and PPE For Refugee Resettlement Clients video series.

For questions, contact us.