Support the RAICES Rural Legal Services Team

Texas spans 800+ miles from the Southern Border to the Northwest Tip of the panhandle. The Rural Legal Services Team connects RAICES with new migrants living in 80 small counties throughout Texas. The team addresses the legal needs and protection of migrants, many of whom are women and children who have survived sexual and domestic violence both in their home countries and in the U.S.

With your financial support, critical legal and social services can continue to include communities and persons in greatest need. Upon launching the Rural Services hotline in 2021, our team received over five dozen requests in its first three months and reached over 130 active cases. Referrals have not slowed down. Due to capacity constraints, the Rural Legal Services Team focuses on working with eligible clients to apply for visas available to survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

At RAICES, we have always centered client needs and prioritized a personalized approach to each case, including the assessment of non-legal obstacles that include access to immigrant-friendly medical care, childcare, groceries, clothing, safe housing, police intervention, language services, and more.

RAICES is committed to expanding our services. Your dedication to migrant justice ensures a safe, welcoming space for women and children to arrive — and thrive.

By donating today, you are ensuring that, together, we can welcome all new migrants living in Texas with dignity and provide access to trauma-informed case management and legal representation.

We invite you to show your solidarity with our Rural Legal Services Team by making a donation today.