Start a Fundraiser

RAICES supporters are responsible for aiding tens of thousands of immigrants and refugees on their path to a better, safer life. When you fundraise, you become a donor, volunteer and advocate who fights for immigrant and refugee rights. The support of donors, volunteers, advocates, and community fundraisers is crucial to our fight for immigrant and refugee rights.

Starting a fundraiser of your own for RAICES is a unique and selfless way to celebrate a milestone, share your passions with your friends, family, and network and make a lasting difference in the lives of immigrants and refugees.

With our online fundraising platform (powered by Classy) fundraising is also quick, easy, and digital. To create your fundraising campaign today follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up on our Fundraising Portal
  2. Be sure to utilize our Fundraising Toolkit to help walk you through tips to host a successful fundraiser
  3. Reach out to your friends, family, network to spread the word
  4. Keep track of all your donors, gifts, etc. within the fundraising platform and watch your impact grow! You are part of a team of supporters, defending immigrant and refugee rights!

We really encourage all individual and team fundraisers to use our fundraising portal. It makes setting up a fundraiser easy for you and it makes it easy for your network to support your goal. You’ll be able to have your own dedicated fundraising page with a unique URL where you can track your progress and see those who have given. All gifts made on Classy go straight to RAICES so you don’t have to deal with collecting individual donations or withdrawing funds.

Whether it is your birthday, another special event or you just want to make sure that immigrants are treated with dignity and respect, starting your own fundraiser is a great way to help.


Whether you’ve run a fundraiser before or not, it’s pretty simple and it’s even easier with the Fundraising Toolkit we’ve made. Inside you’ll find images, tips, email templates, and more to help you at every step of the way.


If you are soliciting donations from friends, family, and your network, you probably want to just start an individual fundraiser. But, if you are planning to recruit other fundraisers to solicit donations as well, you may want to consider a team fundraiser.


Our work wouldn’t be possible without help from dedicated, passionate people who take the time to stand up and stand with immigrants. You are paving the path forward for the most vulnerable among us, and we want to thank you for your drive and commitment. It takes all of us working together, bit by bit, to make it clear that the human rights of immigrants are non-negotiable.


Fundraise for your birthday, a race, or an upcoming event. You can fundraise individually or as a team. Set a goal and you’re ready to go!


Share your campaign page with your friends and family. You can share directly or post on social media.


The money you raise will help RAICES represent detained immigrants in court, reunite families, and take a stand for humanity.


If you are looking for a fundraising campaign your friend has already started, you can browse and search existing fundraisers for RAICES on our Classy Fundraising HQ. You can also donate directly to us on our donation page.


Fundraisers are a powerful way to collaborate and inspire change within your community. If you are planning to fundraise by hosting a ticketed event, art sale, or another community event you may want to still consider utilizing our fundraising platform. In addition, please review our community fundraiser event guidelines.