Families Together Fund

The Families Together Fund will support RAICES’ commitment to keep families together as they navigate through the many obstacles presented by our immigration system.

RAICES will provide legal representation and comprehensive case management services to migrant families. Comprehensive case management services are personalized to each family’s background, experiences and needs. Some of the services provided through this fund may include: bond payments, emergency assistance, temporary housing, safety planning, access to mental health services and medical care, and access to basic travel needs.

Zero Tolerance led to the forced separation of families at the border and while Zero Tolerance has ended – the forced separations of family units at the border continues. If a parent cannot prove they are a child’s biological parent, that child is at risk of being separated and detained as an unaccompanied minor. We have seen many instances of Aunts and Uncles forcibly separated from children in their care. Our commitment is to find those families and to reunite them both with their relatives lost at the border and if possible to reunite families from the border with their existing relatives in the United States.

Since Zero Tolerance we have worked with thousands of immigrant families in many capacities. We provide legal “Know Your Rights” presentations to immigrants in and out of detention. We provide legal representation for asylum cases and residency paperwork. We also provide social programs to welcome immigrant families traveling through the San Antonio bus station and to give weary travelers information, food, shelter, and supplies needed for the next leg of their journey. We bond immigrants out of detention to reunite them with their families and increase their chance of success in their asylum case. A common thread throughout all our programs is reunification. Often, in the course of providing legal or social services, we find out a family is missing a loved one and desperate to find them. Many immigrant family members become lost in the system – a victim of poor filing systems or a misspelled last name. RAICES will reunite families for as long as it takes. No one should be separated from their loved ones. No one should face detention and deportation alone.






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