Donate in Someone’s Honor

Honor the ones you love most with a tribute gift to RAICES. Whether you are wondering how to give a gift to a loved one that has everything, you want to honor the memory of someone you’ve lost, or you are simply looking for a gift that is true to your heart, donating to RAICES in someone’s name is one of the most heartfelt ways to honor someone or to commemorate a loved one’s legacy.

The United States is a place that belongs to all of us and our work is reshaping the narrative around migration. When you donate in someone’s honor, they will know they are a crucial part of our work as attorneys, social workers, and advocates for the most vulnerable newcomers to this country.

The fight for rights, dignity, and respect for our immigrant brothers and sisters is ongoing. And, your care allows RAICES services to match the growing need we see in immigrant communities. In a year, donors like you provide the means for legal counsel to 4,000 families in detention and more than 8,000 children. RAICES donors have enabled us to establish the largest bond fund in the nation, freeing hundreds of immigrants and reuniting families separated by cruel detention practices.





Folks in the USA can visit our PayPal Donation Page.

Want to give by check?

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When sending paper checks, please include a note with your name, email, address, and telephone number.