Ways to Give


As the immigration debate rages on and new restrictions and inhumane practices are revealed weekly, RAICES has become a beacon of hope for many. We proudly wear the banner of Immigration Defenders and we welcome those who stand beside us. So many of our supporters have reached out in so many ways and we welcome them to the fight. Whether you just want to make a donation or give in another way, join us in making a difference.

Donate in Someone’s Honor

Honor the ones you love most with a tribute gift to RAICES

RAICES Specific Funds


Donate to the DACA Fund and help us continue our work providing legal, advocacy, social services, and financial support to those eligible for DACA following the Supreme Court decision and for current and future legal relief.

Families Together Fund

Donate to the Families Together Fund and help RAICES provide legal representation and comprehensive case management services to migrant families.


Donate to LEAF — the Legal Representation, Education, and Advocacy Fund (LEAF) for Unaccompanied Children.

Bond Fund

The RAICES Bond Program is a Texas-based bond fund that seeks to mitigate the harmful effects of and otherwise dismantle ICE detention. Donate to our bond fund.

Start a Fundraiser

Get tools and guidance to start an online fundraiser or an in-person community event.


Did you know that you can donate airline miles to reunify immigrant and refugee families and to allow these families to make their way to their sponsors in the United States. Donating airline miles is a perfect way to make a difference in the lives of immigrant friends, families, and neighbors.

RAICES has partnered with Miles4Migrants and as part of our partnership, we want to ask our supporters to donate in a new way – their airline miles.


Your next Lyft ride could help defend immigrant and refugee rights. We’ve partnered with Lyft so that your small donations can help make a big change. When you ride, Lyft can round up your payments to the nearest dollar, and donate the difference to RAICES. Learn more about how you can make your rides count. Want to join in?

  1. Download the Lyft app
  2. Open the main menu by tapping the icon in the top left corner of your app
  3. Tap ‘Donate’ in the menu
  4. Select ‘RAICES’
  5. Tap ‘Round up and donate’ and that’s it!!


A donation of an appreciated asset is a powerful way to support RAICES and the families we serve. To make a gift of stock, learn more here.


Making a wire or ACH contribution is a simple way to directly deliver funds to RAICES and provide critical legal, social, and advocacy services to our immigrant and refugee communities. To make a gift through wire transfer, learn more here.


Ready to trade in your old car? Consider donating it instead. Your tax benefit will be that much greater, and you’ll support our mission with the proceeds from the donation of your vehicle.


Your special day comes only once a year. Instead of gifts, ask for donations to support our work to defend and empower the migrant families who need it most. Pledge your birthday now. Get reminded to start your fundraiser later.


Many companies will match an employee’s charitable gift to an approved 501(c)3 non-profit. Please check with your human resources department to find out if your company matches donations! Your gift can do double duty when it’s matched by your employer! Our EIN is 74-2436920. You can find out more on our matching gifts page.


We are temporarily unable to accept any in-kind donations. As soon as we have the space, will be able to continue accepting in-kind donations.

RAICES’ clients are often in need of supplies such as food, clothing, shoes, toys or other items that could be helpful when setting up a new life for yourself in a foreign country. If you knit hats or sew teddy bears and you want to donate these items to RAICES, please contact us to let us know. We would love to take these donated items to our clients. We can give you documentation for the fair market value of the donated item(s) that you can use for your tax purposes.


Everyone should plan for the future. When you’re ready to decide what should be done with your estate, please consider making RAICES a beneficiary in your planning. Donating to RAICES is an amazing way to leave a lasting legacy within your community. Your gift will be used as dictated by you in your will. Contact your financial planner to start the process.

Please let us know if you choose to list RAICES as a beneficiary by emailing [email protected] or calling 210-526-0171. Allow us to thank you properly for your generosity today.


By planning for the future, your commitment to migrant justice can continue uninterrupted during and after your lifetime. There are simple ways to accomplish this that cost you nothing now. Learn more about Planned Giving at RAICES.

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a strategic and tax-effective tool to maximize your charitable impact. Learn more about how you may initiative a grant recommendation directly from our website.

Donate in Someone's Honor

Honor the ones you love most with a tribute gift to RAICES

Families Together Fund

Support families with legal and social services.

Leaf Fund

Help us provide legal representation to more children.

Start a Fundraiser

Start an online fundraiser or an in-person community event.

Donate Stock

You can gift RAICES stock.

Donate by Wire Transfer

You can gift RAICES through wire transfer.

Matching Gifts

Many employers match gifts. Find out if you qualify.

Bond Fund

Donate to our bond fund

Donate Cars

Support our mission by donating your car

Donate Your Birthday

Pledge your birthday now. Get reminded to start your fundraiser later.

Planned Giving

By planning for the future, commit to migrant justice.

Donor Advised Funds

A strategic and tax-effective tool to maximize your charitable impact.