Karnes Pro-Bono Project



  1. There are 5 training modules, which are self-paced and are easily accessible where there is internet connection.
    • A. Take the course on your computer at home, at work, the neighborhood coffee shop or on the go. You can start the course on one device and pick it up where you left off on another.
  2. There are high-quality videos to watch and 2 quizzes to take.
    • A. Volunteers may go back to review the modules and take any quiz again to raise the score.
    • B. As our training modules often change due to our line of work, please expect to receive them via email one month prior to your arrival.
    • C. The training modules normally require 2 weeks to complete.
  3. After successfully completing all 5 modules and 2 quizzes, the Legal Pro-Bono Coordinator, will wrap up your training on Monday at Karnes. Please promptly arrive at 9:00 AM. *NOTE: Should the time change, you will be notified 12 hours in advance. The final piece of training will consist of:
    • A. highlighting key points of the modules;
    • B. providing helpful tips for each primary service;
    • C. engaging in hypotheticals (let’s apply what you’ve learned);
    • D. providing you with any new factors to be on the look out for (if any);
    • E. and resolving any questions or concerns.