Karnes Pro-Bono Project


What We Do

Karnes County Residential Center

  1. Legal research: Country decisions and court rulings in support of positive findings for our clients.
  2. Intake: A series of forms that gather basic information of the client’s history and case.
  3. Credible Fear Interview (CFI) or Reasonable Fear Interview (RFI) prep: Assisting families in the articulation of their case. 
  4. Release Charla: Providing legal advice to families of what to expect if released from Karnes.
  5. Declarations: Similar to affidavits, we draft a written statement confirmed by oath, to support a positive finding in immigration court.
  6. CFI or RFI representation: Representing families at their CFI or RFI.
  7. Court representation: Representing families at their immigration court hearings.  

*Representation as found in Figure 6 and 7 are reserved for law students and active attorneys only. 

Volunteer, hands raised

Special Skills

If you have a particular skill or background, such as being a: 

  • medical examiner
  • social worker
  • psychologist

Please bring an original or copy of your license or certificate, so we may utilize your profession.

*Disclaimer: This is not guaranteed.