Karnes Pro-Bono Project


What We Do

Karnes County Residential Center

The work may involve a combination of the following:

  1. Legal research regarding country and court rulings.
  2. Conducting intake with clients, which is where we obtain basic information and assess what their legal needs might be.
  3. Interview prep for the Credible or Reasonable Fear Interview, which is where we help them articulate their case before an asylum officer, who will decide if they are eligible for release to ask for protection in the U.S.
  4. Providing “know your rights” information regarding what steps clients must complete if they are released from the detention center.
  5. Drafting declarations, affidavits, which we provide a template for.
  6. Representing clients telephonically or in person for their CFI.
  7. Representing clients in their hearings before an immigration judge. *Note. We cannot guarantee this because this is dependent on the court’s scheduling.

*Representation as found in Figure 6 and 7 are reserved for law students and active attorneys only. 

Volunteer, hands raised

Special Skills

If you have a particular skill or background, such as being a: 

  • medical examiner
  • licensed clinical social worker
  • psychologist

Please bring an original or copy of your license or certificate, so we may utilize your profession.

*Disclaimer: This is not guaranteed.