Karnes Pro-Bono Project


As immigrants continue to flee for their lives to the United States, many individuals are asking how they can help. In response, RAICES has organized the Karnes Pro-Bono Project, a program designed to provide free legal services to families detained in Karnes County Residential Center.

The immigrants detained are forced to undergo an interview formally know as the Credible Fear Interview (CFI) or Reasonable Fear Interview (RFI) to determine eligibility of release while seeking asylum – or other forms of relief. Negative results from the CFI or RFI can can lead to deportation. Deported migrants are put at a heightened risk of violence and danger.

The RAICES institution that cares for these families are overworked and understaffed. Help is needed from volunteers who will provide immediate attention and relief to the families detained.

Mother holding child
Father holding child

The Karnes Pro-Bono Project assigns volunteers directly inside Karnes County Residential Center. The greatest volunteer demand is for Spanish speaking attorneys that specialize in asylum law. Mental health professionals, such as social-workers and psychiatrists are also needed.

All volunteers must be able to commit to volunteering from Monday to Thursday with an expected schedule of 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST; and pay their own expenses. Car-pooling with RAICES staff from San Antonio, Texas to Karnes County Residential Center is available at no cost.

If you wish to serve the Karnes Pro-Bono Project, please sign-up below.

“These experiences are so incredibly formative for me, getting the opportunity to help these families and work alongside such compassionate and intelligent people like yourselves. I am hopeful I contributed some good, but I know for certain this work centers me, makes me take stock of my life and practice, and re-prioritizes me to focus on making this world better however possible.”

                                                                       – Chris Meuse, Volunteer


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