Volunteer Webinars

Best Practices for Translating Documents

Presenters: Marissa Jennings, Professional Translator and RAICES Volunteer

Marissa Jennings is a professional translator and RAICES volunteer. In this webinar, she discusses the Do’s and Don’ts of translating documents, best practices for document translations, and resources she finds beneficial for both professional and volunteer translators. Viewing is open to everyone, but we especially recommend this video for those interested in or a part of our Translation Team.

Immigration 101 Webinar

Presenters (in order of appearance): Spencer Baldacci, Community Volunteer Coordinator
Julia Valero, Legal Pro-Bono Coordinator
Phil Davies, Immigration Attorney
Mauricio Pena, Staff Attorney

Immigration 101 briefly covers the history of Immigration in the US, the current climate of immigration, policies that are negatively affecting migrant populations, as well as what immigration looks like in the time of COVID-19. The purpose of this presentation is to give you a basic understanding of the immigration system and its current status. This presentation is recommended for individuals who do not have a strong knowledge of the U.S. immigration system.