Volunteer FAQs

How can I get involved?
The first step is to complete our online volunteer application. Once complete, you will be invited to join us for a virtual orientation where we cover what RAICES is all about and how you can get involved in our programs! You can also get a snapshot of what volunteers do by checking out our Volunteer Activities page.

Do I need prior experience or knowledge about Immigration to join the Volunteer Team?
No prior experience/knowledge is required! We will give you all of the tools you need to succeed as a volunteer here at RAICES and be an active advocate for Migrant Justice in the U.S.

What is the screening and placement process?

  1. Submit a volunteer application.
  2. Join us for a virtual orientation.
  3. Complete a short phone interview
These first three steps are required for all volunteer applicants. Some activities will require further training/screening, but we understand that not everyone can complete a background check and have a process to accommodate all who are interested!

Do I need to speak Spanish or another language to volunteer?
Nope! We have activities that have no language requirement as well as activities that require fluency in languages other than Spanish. Persons-served through RAICES programs come from all over the world and speak many different languages.

What if I can only volunteer on weekends or after work?
Activities have a range of dates and times. There are both opportunities to volunteer on the weekend and during the week.

Is there a minimum number of hours I need to complete as a volunteer?
No. But our goal is to help you grow professionally, personally, and as a volunteer. This means we will not only invite you to complete volunteer activities, but also attend educational webinars, and peer to peer discussion groups. We hope you will join us for as many of these opportunities as you can!

Can I Volunteer if I am under 18 years old?
Yes! We have had people as young as 4 volunteer. Certain limitations apply to some activities, but others are open to all ages.

Are there requirements for each volunteer activity?
Yes. For more information on the requirements for each volunteer activity, check out our Activities Page.

Can I volunteer in Texas even if I live out of state?
Because our Volunteer Program is growing nationally, we ask that people do not travel to Texas to volunteer as we now have activities that you can do from anywhere in the U.S.

Are there Volunteer Activities outside of Texas?
Yes! We are moving towards a more virtual space because of COVID-19 and so many people outside of Texas are interested in getting involved. Currently, we have several remote/virtual activities and we are always in the process of creating more.