Remote Volunteer Activities

Cartas de Corazón

Giving cards to people is one way we can show support to individuals and families migrating to the United States. This is a great activity for families to do together and adds another layer of humanity to the services we provide. Once the activity instructions have been reviewed below, the fun may begin!

Review our Cartas de Corazon instruction sheet here.

RAICES Translation Team

The RAICES Translation Team Program is a network of translators across the United States that can offer our staff in-person and remote translation assistance. Each day, volunteers on the Translation Team provide document translations used for cases and in-person translations for our programs.


  • Be completely fluent in both English and the language you are translating
  • Have experience translating official documents
  • Complete an online language exam
  • Pass background check

Location: Translations can be done remotely. Please note that due to restrictions in the background check process, we can only on board volunteers that have an address in the United States.

Activity Times: Translations are emails to volunteers on an as-needed basis. We give volunteers ample time to complete translations. You can sign up to join the translation team through Better Impact.