Volunteering at RAICES

You might think of volunteering as going somewhere, doing a task for a few hours, and then leaving for the day. Here at RAICES, we define “volunteer” a little differently. As a volunteer in our National Volunteer Program, you are a part of our community. A community that stands alongside Immigrants and Refugees to fight for Migrant Justice. You, as a volunteer, will not only take part in direct service, but also: learn from and lead educational webinars/trainings, develop professional skills, advocate and organize for Migrant Justice in your community, educate family and friends.

The purpose of the RAICES National Volunteer Program is to engage advocates throughout the United States in allyship and accompliceship. Empowered individuals working together creates lasting systemic change that can alter the lives of many and change the way this country approaches social justice. We believe you will be able to find a volunteer opportunity that is right for you; whether you are a student looking to do more, a working professional looking to use your skills, or a corporate or community group interested in volunteerism, service learning, or fundraising.

Because of volunteers like you, RAICES is able to serve thousands of individuals trapped in an immigration system designed for failure by providing: pro bono and low cost legal services, Immigration bond payments, access to basic necessities, educational materials in a variety of languages, assistance finding both mental and physical healthcare, and many other services and resources.

The fight for Migrant Justice is a marathon and we need you. Are you ready to take the next step?

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