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Know Your Rights


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Community Education

Community Education and Training Program

Know Your Rights

The core RAICES Know Your Rights/Conoce Tus Derechos program includes a 25-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session. The presentation material is available in Spanish and English. Content covered includes what to do when stopped by law enforcement, when detained by immigration and how to prepare as a family for potential ICE detention.
Immigration 101

Does your organization or group want to learn more about the immigration system in the United States and World? Are you hearing lots of rhetoric, but few facts? Our Immigration 101 workshop introduces attendees to the core concepts in the immigration debate today and how we can organize to change harmful practices and policies.
Sanctuary Congregations/Organizations

Sanctuary is a spectrum of activities from providing immigration accompaniment, providing space for trainings and workshops, to housing individuals seeking refuge from deportation. Training for congregations is provided in collaboration with local Sanctuary networks.
Community Accompaniment

Accompaniment is a method through which allied individuals, organizations, and congregations provide solidarity to individuals facing deportation or contact with immigration officials for which they would like support. The process supported by RAICES and local sanctuary networks staff, the congregation and family build mutual, long-term relationships to stop the deportation, serve as a witness in spaces of injustice, and collectively grow as community leaders in the fight for immigrant rights. Volunteers are trained to provide accompaniment to ICE Check-Ins, Court Dates, to pay bonds, and future training are planned for checkpoint accompaniment.
Reproductive Health Accompaniment

People seeking to access abortion care while in immigration detention face significant barriers. In collaboration with CARA and our Family Detention program, RAICES assists individuals with housing, transportation, and accompaniment for people seeking to access abortion when released from immigration detention. This intensive training is 4 hours and requires pre-screening of volunteers.
Bus Station Legal Orientation
Emergency Response Volunteer Training

In 2015 and 2016, ICE released several hundred families from immigration detention in a mass release. On both occasions, RAICES responded by providing shelter and services to the families until they were able to connect with their families and their final destination. This workshop prepares volunteers to respond in the event of another mass release in our community.
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