RAICES Intern Testimonials

Emily Costa
RAICES Fall 2019 San Antonio Refugee Resettlement Intern

“This internship was beneficial to me in so many ways. Working with RAICES exposed me to the kind of positive, friendly, passionate working environment I want to be in. My work on the Refugee program allowed me to build my communication skills, independence and gave me a strong understanding of the process refugees must go through and the challenges they frequently face. I really enjoyed the flexibility to go support the Outreach team at high school presentation and the opportunity to work directly with clients. I had a great experience at RAICES and felt like part of a family early on. I’m inspired by the sense of community and passion for the work that everyone has there and would definitely recommend the internship to others.”

Paige Johnson
RAICES Fall 2019 Austin Community Outreach Intern

“My internship with RAICES allowed me to investigate the legal world before jumping into law school or non profit work. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to work closely with immigration issues and certainly learned more about the needs of the community we serve. I liked that I was easily incorporated into the office environment and that my co workers weren’t afraid to assign me tasks- even if I had never done them before!”

Kensy Zelaya
RAICES Spring 2019 Houston Multidisciplinary Intern

“I think that I enjoyed helping out in the social services department and doing a lot of practical tasks with that department. I also enjoyed the opportunity of going to San Antonio and doing activism. I appreciated the opportunity of doing legal research (country conditions) and translating documents. I really liked the working environment at the office and I am thankful for giving me the opportunity of being part of the RAICES family. Thank you for opening the doors and giving me the opportunity of working for you, overall I learned a lot and I accomplished some of the goals I had.”