Volunteer Opportunities

Want to be an advocate for refugee families in your city? Sign up to be a refugee advocate!

Our Refugee Advocate Program aims to connect volunteers, in cities around the United States, with refugee families living in the same cities. This project is absolutely crucial to our work in defending the rights of asylum seekers, and we hope that you will sign up to be an advocate for families living in your city. As an advocate you can work directly with families, and help them navigate life outside of detention.

As a primary legal service provider for children and mothers in detention, here in South Texas, we know that, for most families, the real fight begins when they are released from detention. Through our continued work we aim to connect released families with attorneys in their destination cities, however we have found it extremely difficult to do so when the same children and mothers have other unmet needs. In order to give families the best chance of success we are teaming up with volunteers, just like you, from across the country to create a support system for refugee families.

As a refugee advocate you would work to identify resources in your community, resources that can be passed onto newly arriving families. Volunteers as part of this project have helped with providing rides to families, teaching them about local public transportation, and even putting together guides with information as to local clinics etc. where services are available to families.

In just the short time we have launched this project we have already seen an increase in families being able to seek legal support. Once families know that they have a support system in place, the possibilities are endless. We hope you take part in this crucial work, every person can make a difference!

Sign up here to volunteer as a refugee advocate!

Are you an attorney, law student or paralegal? Volunteer with the Karnes Pro Bono Project, defending asylum seekers in detention!

Volunteers are currently needed to assist with providing legal support for children and mothers detained at the Karnes Family Detention Center. The Center, an hour south east of San Antonio, currently has bed space for up to 800 children and mothers, all families who have fled extreme violence in Central America. As a volunteer you would work as part of the Karnes Pro Bono Project, providing legal support for families detained at the Center, such as Melany in the viddeo above.

Check out the experiences of volunteers who have worked with RAICES at Karnes:

Ideal volunteers for this work are attorneys, law students or paralegals with an understanding of asylum law in the United States. While experience is preferred, it is not a requirement as training will be provided to all volunteers before they enter the Center. In order to help as part of this work it is required that you speak Spanish fluently, or that you are able to secure your own interpreter to join you at the Center.

Since the start of family detention in August of 2014 over 300 volunteers from around the country have helped provide legal services to over to over 3,000 asylum seekers. We welcome volunteers from around the country and are able to assist in finding free homestays in San Antonio. This is an opportunity that will stay with you for life, and we encourage you to join us in defending these vulnerable families.

Sign up here to volunteer with the Karnes Pro Bono Project