Tell DHS NOT to Negotiate with Dimmit County:
No More Family Detention!

On Monday, June 27th County Commissioners in Dimmit County, Texas meet to discuss a possible plan to turn work with DHS on the creation of yet another family detention center. Like Dilley, this proposed center would be housed in buildings left vacant by former oil field workers. The message we send to Dimmit County is similar to the one sent to Jim Wells County, the promise of jobs from the operation of a detention center is no more permanent than it was with the fracking boom. The residents of Dimmit understands full well the nature of these companies who only seek to take advantage of their towns, while leaving behind empty buildings.

Take Action: No More Family Detention!

1.  Sign the petition and urge DHS NOT to negotiate with Dimmit County for a new family detention center.

2.  Help us get the word out, the only way to stop this from going further is to shame the President, and those in Jim Wells County into understanding that this is not the right thing to do.

Sample Twitter / Facebook Messages:

Will @dhsgov @POTUS negotiate with TX Town for the opening of yet another family detention center? Sign Petition:

Does @POTUS refusal to #EndFamilyDetention give green light for more centers? Sign petition: #StopBabyJail

The Petition:

Dear President Obama:

I write to ask that your administration refuse to negotiate with Dimmit  County, Texas, for the creation of yet another family detention center. As a Senator you promised to be an ally to the immigrant community, and as President you have been anything but. I urge your administration to refuse to work with Dimmit County to open yet another family detention center, i.e. "Baby Jail."

Instead of negotiating with counties like Dimmit, your administration should immediately end the practice of family detention as a whole. Asylum seekers come to the United States seeking protection, they have fled violence in their homelands and do not deserve to face that same violence, again, here in the United States.

I urge you to refuse to negotiate with Dimmit County. Furthermore, I urge your administration to take immediate action to end the current jailing of babies at the Karnes and Dilley Family Detention Centers.