Free Samey Fund - Former Afghan Interpreter Given $25,000 Bond

Please consider making a donation here to the Free Samey Fund, Samey was given a $25,000 bond just recently and we need your help to bring Samey home. Samey was an interpreter/translator for U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2012, and now seeks asylum in the United States after receiving death threats from the Taliban.

Samey was threatened by the Taliban while in Afghanistan

"...samey, a resident of Karta Naw, Kabul works with Americans as an interpreter. He leads our enemies toward Muslims and shows them the way to track and kill Muslims. This is to warn you that you should hand over your son to us so that we can kill him."

Samey was recently featured in this opinion piece in the New York Times

"Mike Williams, a retired lieutenant colonel who was one of Samey’s supervisors in Afghanistan, was grocery shopping in Wegmans when he got a call from the judge. Swearing an oath with his right hand, holding baby food in his left, he vouched for Samey’s character and performance. He told the judge that Samey’s life was in danger and that he would take responsibility for him. Samey’s aunt, an American citizen who manages a fried chicken business in New York, did the same.

“I thought it would be a fairly open-and-shut case,” Mr. Williams said. But when he heard the government’s lawyer on the phone shouting “objection” and “leading” the witness, he began to worry. “Samey didn’t know what he was doing.”

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Samey didn't think twice about protecting Americans, now help us bring Samey home!