Family Detention

The Karnes and Dilley family detention centers are both located just south of San Antonio. These facilities are operated more like internment camps than anything. Both of these facilities currently hold 500 individuals each, this amounts to about 226 family units at any given time. These camps are incapable of providing families with their basic needs, and efforts are underway to try to close both facilities.

Karnes “Residential” Center

600 beds; expanding to 800

The Karnes facility began holding families in August of 2014. Prior to this population, this facility only operated as an all-male facility. Karnes currently has 226 family units. Since August a broad coalition of advocates have identified numerous complaints at the Karnes facility:

  • Reports of sexual abuse on women;
  • Families forced to stand in hot sun to be served food;
  • Lack of proper medical care “we will only see your child if fever is above 100°;”
  • Majority of women report severe weight loss in children;
  • Bonds are set as high as $20,000;
  • A law library that is empty;
  • Forms are only provided in English.

Dilley “Residential” Center

400 beds; expanding to 2,400

The Dilley facility began operating on Dec. 19th, 2014, it opened only a day after the infamous Artesia facility was shut down. Red McCombs is leasing the space for this center, and all of the current families are being housed in former “man camps” that were used for oil field workers.