Family Detention Defense Fund

Please consider making a donation to support children and mothers of the Karnes and Dilley family detention centers. The purpose of this fund is to help meet the needs of families who are either still detained in the centers, or who were released and in need of ongoing support. A donation of $25 will help secure a legal consultation for a family. A donation of $250 will help a released family apply for a work permit. A donation of $500 will help a released family apply for asylum.

The Family Detention Defense Fund, formerly known as the Family Detention Bond Fund, has been active since September of 2014. For the first year, the Fund worked to provide families with support when posting high immigration bonds. Many of the families we assisted with bond support would not have been able to post high immigration bonds on their own; typically immigration bonds are $5,000 to $10,000.

Since October of 2015, with victories through advocacy and litigation efforts to change the policies of family detention we have seen a decrease in bond fund requests. With this change in policy, we have re-purposed the bond fund to a general defense fund so that we can support families with their ever changing needs. The Family Detention Defense Fund now serves the same families we have always helped, but now we help provide monetary support for transitional services such as transportation, housing, assistance with securing legal counsel and other needs as they should arise.

Please support the needs of the families we serve by making a donation to the Family Detention Defense Fund.

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All proceeds support Family Detention Defense Fund

Without the Fund many families would languish in detention
We have over 3,000 families in need of support right NOW
All donations will go to the Defense Fund