Sponsor a Refugee Backpack

We need your help. Every day there are mothers and young children being dropped off at the San Antonio Greyhound station from the two family detention camps here in South Texas. These families are dropped off dressed in the same clothing they were wearing months ago when they were first detained. All of the families we meet have fled unimaginable violence in Central America; many have witnessed family members murdered before their eyes, at the hands of gangs. They are fleeing traumatic situations, and instead of being treated as refugees by our government, they are locked up in detention camps for months on end.

We need your help to provide these families with basic supplies as they begin their long bus trips, to reunite with loved ones around the United States. It costs us $25 to provide one family with these supplies; help us fill a Refugee Backpack by sponsoring one with a donation of $25.

Since last year, volunteers from the Interfaith Welcome Coalition have provided over 2,400 children and mothers with these backpacks. Each backpack contains just your basic supplies; toiletries, snacks, baby formula, diapers, a blanket, and other things needed for a sometimes three to four day bus trip.

With the expansion of the two detention camps, to hold even more mothers and children, we are in urgent need of more supplies. A donation of $25 will help us fill one Refugee Backpack. A Donation of $50 will help us fill two Refugee Backpacks. A donation of $100 will help us fill four Refugee Backpacks.

We urge you to support these families, and to help us show them that America does in fact welcome them, despite how our government may be treating them.

Help Sponsor a Refugee Backpack:       Donate $25

Help a Refugee Family in Need

An average trip is 2 days on a bus with several stops in between

Mothers often have several children to feed, with little to no money

1,000 Refugee Backpacks will help 1,000 Refugee Families
Sponsor a Refugee Backpack