Take Action: Tool-Kit on Family Detention

Please help us bring attention to the issue of family detention; host an event in your city!
Since July of 2014 we have seen thousands of refugee mothers and babies jailed here in South Texas. These families are fleeing extreme violence and should not be punished for seeking refuge here in the United States. The policy of family detention has lead to countless abuses, and most importantly of all, advocates have shown that there is no need to jail refugee mothers and babies.

The only way to end this practice is by shining a light on it, something which we need your help to do. Hosting an event is easy and can really be anything you are comfortable hosting. Below are all the tools you need to host an event, don't forget to contact us so we can give you more assistance!

Take Action Tool-Kit

We know organizing an event, especially if you have never done it before, can seem overwhelming and so we have developed the following guides to make it easier for you.

In this guide you will find: 

•    A guide for hosting a vigil;
•    A guide for hosting a movie screening / discussion;
•    A guide for hosting a Know Your Rights event for released mothers;
•    A beginners media guide with information to help you generate a media list and reach out to media for your event;
•    Video library & photographs; and

"Help Me: I want to Host an Event!"

Please submit your information and we'll be in touch with you about your event.