Social Staff

Miriam Camero, Vice President of Social Programs
Houston, TX
Miriam Camero, JD, LMSW, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and received her Bachelor’s of Social Work and Masters of Science in Social Work. In her experience as a case manager, Miriam was able to connect students and immigrant families to community resources in their area. Miriam’s case management background comes from settings such as legal aid, schools, and nonprofit community centers. Miriam graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 2015 where she provided services in immigration and family law. She joined RAICES in 2016 and is currently overseeing the Children’s Program and Immigrant Legal Services Fund (ILSF-Houston Only) Case Management Program, as well as the Canopy National Hotline.

Marisol Girela, Associate Vice President of Social Programs
San Antonio, TX
Marisol B. Girela, LCSW graduated from Baylor University in 2007 and received her Masters in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake in 2010. As a clinical social worker, Marisol has provided mental and behavioral health services to youth in residential fostercare settings. Marisol has overseen grant funded programs for over five years and has focused on increasing the implementation of trauma informed care practices in services. She joined RAICES in Feb of 2020 and is currently overseeing the Refugee Resettlement Programs, the San Antonio Community & Donation Center, and the new Clinical Services in San Antonio, Tx.