Legal Representation, Education, and Advocacy Fund for Unaccompanied Children

Every day, 600 children are arriving in the U.S. in search of safety and security. Most have fled unspeakable violence, natural disaster, and poverty –– all worsened by the pandemic –– but theirs is a profound hope for a better future.

In the U.S., they are held in shelters that are very much like detention centers, and they are given no right to due process, even as they begin adversarial legal proceedings that take an average of 3 to 5 years. At RAICES, we stand alongside them in court and in life.

RAICES has long centered the needs of unaccompanied children with trauma-informed care that honors their human dignity. Our team conducts Know Your Rights presentations and legal intakes in 14 shelters throughout Texas and began services at the Emergency Reception Center in Carrizo Springs on February 26.

We advocate for these kids, fight for them, and defend their right to stay in this country and be safe. With your support, we can continue to exemplify the humanity that should define our immigration system in the U.S.

Join us.