Write a letter to President Biden urging him to make good on the decades-long promises Democrats have made to the immigrant community.

Celia, TX

“The fight for migrant justice is something that has always been close to my heart because, as a child of immigrants, I understand the..."


Sara, NE

“When we talk about immigrants, we are talking about my neighbors and my children's classmates. I am afraid for them, and my heart aches..."


Patricia, NJ

“We should not be criminalizing the human desire to seek safety. My ancestors fled oppression, forced conscription, starvation in order..."


Why does letter writing matter?

Even though immigrants make significant contributions to our communities and the economy, they are often left behind.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, federal, state and local governments disqualified many front-line workers from receiving emergency assistance based on their immigration status. That is unacceptable. Undocumented people have lived in the shadows for far too long.

Democratic leaders, including President Biden, ran and won on platforms that promised to protect and provide immediate and permanent relief for immigrant communities. But now, Democrats and the Biden administration are dragging their feet. The delay is a familiar disappointment experienced by immigrants who have lived under previous Democratic administrations.

Keep the Promise is a campaign that holds Democrats to account. We need your help in making sure Democratic leaders keep their promises to immigrants once and for all. Join us by writing a letter to the Biden Administration to make it clear that our communities cannot wait any longer for relief. The more of us who write a letter, the louder our voices become and the more power we build to protect our families and communities.

Our goal is to deliver 250 letters to President Biden from
immigrants and allies across the nation
demanding that he
fulfill his promise to give our immigrant friends, family members
and neighbors the freedom to work with dignity and respect and
without the fear of imprisonment and deportation.