Keep Ubaldo’s Family Together

Ubaldo and his nine-year-old son, Fernando, are facing the threat of being separated by ICE, again. They were first separated under the Trump administration under the Zero Tolerance Policy. No child should have to endure what Fernandito and his father have in these past three years.

But hope should not be lost for Ubaldo and his son. President Biden complained on the promise that he would put an end to unjust deportations and we will push until that happens.

The lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton places a pause on the moratorium on deportations, but that doesn’t mean that DHS doesn’t have the ability to stop ICE from deporting Ubaldo. President Biden has repeatedly said keeping families together is a priority, and it’s time that ICE starts acting on those priorities.

We ask you to join in our fight to keep Ubaldo and Fernando together and free.