This year we have an opportunity to protect and uplift our immigrant community. The Keep the Promise Campaign seeks to hold Democratic leaders accountable for their decades-long promise to the immigrant community by demanding they use every tool at their disposal to give our undocumented community freedom from detention, freedom from deportation, and freedom to work with dignity and respect. Read more.

We need supporters like you to join us! To get started join one of our upcoming Keep the Promise Letters for Migrant Justice events to learn more about our Keep the Promise Campaign and how you can be a part of the fight to win relief in 2021.


Many immigrants have lived in the shadows for too long, and regardless of their contributions during this pandemic, they are often left behind and continuously targeted, detained and deported.

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President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress have the power to keep their promise and use every tool at their disposal to provide the immigrant community with freedom to work with dignity and respect, freedom from detention, and freedom from deportation.

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It is time we come together and pledge our active support for our immigrant sisters and brothers by demanding that Democrats keep their promise.

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Sign Our Pledge of Accountability
If Democrats don’t pledge to use every tool at their disposal to protect immigrants, pledge to engage in nonviolent direct action.

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Keep Ubaldo’s Family Together
Demand Alejandro Mayorkas to release Ubaldo from Detention and allow him to reunite with his son.

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