Thank you for visiting our RAICES Internship page and for your interest in joining our team of lawyers, social workers, and advocates!

Here at RAICES, we believe in giving interns a worthwhile learning experience whilst collaborating and working with our dynamic staff. Whether you are assisting our staff in our offices, learning about the inner workings of Texas’ largest immigration legal services nonprofit, or out in the field assisting clients and community members, you are bound to learn more about NGO work, the US Immigration system, and be part of the fight for a better tomorrow.

Our interns meaningful contribution continue to aid in the organization’s success and assist thousands of individuals and families looking for services. Explore our intern opportunities below and see how you can create an impact through an internship with RAICES in one of our many departments. (Please note: We hire on a rolling basis so positions may close during the application process.)

To learn more about our internships, how to apply, or additional information, continue reading below.

Recruitment will begin in July for fall intern positions.

Internship FAQs

How can I become a RAICES intern?
Follow the link to apply. Complete the application and submit your resume and cover letter. Once you have submitted your application the Internship Coordinator will reach out to you.

As an intern will I be paid through RAICES?
No, RAICES does not pay interns.

Do I need to speak Spanish or another language to become an intern?
No, we have various opportunities for non-Spanish/other language speakers. However, keep in mind some positions will require fluency of a specific language, please be aware of this detail when applying for an internship opportunity.

How long does the internship last?
We want our interns to experience as much of RAICES as they can, so internships are no shorter than 10 weeks.

Can I intern if I live outside of Texas?
Every year we welcome interns from all over the U.S. that move for 10 weeks to participate in our internship program.

Who will I report to while interning?
Each intern receives an Intern Supervisor who is in their internship department and able to provide projects and feedback. Interns can also receive additional support from the Internship Coordinator.

What locations provide internship opportunities?
Visit the following link to see what our offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio have to offer.