How to Find If You Have a Hearing

Information about Immigration Court

Why it is important you know when and where the child you sponsor has hearings for Immigration Court

It is very important that the child you are sponsoring attends all of their hearings at the immigration court. If they fail to go to a hearing, the judge can order them deported because they did not attend; this is also called deportation in absentia. Even if the child does not have a lawyer, they should attend all their court hearings. In the court, they can explain to the judge that they are looking for a lawyer and can ask for more time to obtain a lawyer.

How to know if a hearing has been scheduled and where

There are a few ways to know if a hearing has been scheduled and where.

  1. You can call the court. You should dial 1 (800) 898-7180 and press number 1 to listen to the information in English. Follow the instructions and enter the child’s A-number. If you are not sure what the A-number is, read more about where you can find the A-number.
  2. You can look up court information online via the EOIR Automated Court Information System

How can I obtain an attorney for the minor I am sponsoring?

You can find low cost legal service providers in your area by using the National Immigration Legal Services Directory. You will need to input the zip code of the area where the minor currently resides in the search bar. Then you can press “Go,” and you will be directed to a list of low cost legal service providers near the zip code you provided. These organizations are not part of RAICES, and we cannot guarantee they will take the minor’s case. Please contact the organizations listed on the site to see if they can provide legal services for the minor. This is not the only way to find a lawyer.