Immigration and the Arts

Law is Downstream from Culture.

Raices lookS to the arts to SPARK Conversations around immigration, justice, and humanity in order to TOUCH hearts and minds, and ultimately IMPACT immigration policies and practices.

Creative Partnerships


RAICES CEO / President Jonathan Ryan to lead conversation with author Jean Guerrero on the radicalization of Stephen Miller, one of Trump's most influential advisors Watch

What’s That You Say

Seven-time Grammy nominee Joan Osborne addresses immigration on new song created in collaboration with RAICES Listen

Homeland Insecurity

RAICES podcast explores the unwritten history of DHS, a government agency that was created to protect us from terrorism only to be weaponized against immigrants Listen

Staff Picks

The Breadwinner
beautiful animated film that illustrates the courage of a child on her family's journey to freedom from war-torn Kabul
—Mackenzie Crone, Senior Graphic Designer
Children of the Land
excellent memoir highlights the challenges and resilience of today's undocumented families living their lives in limbo
—Saeni Rodriguez, Case Manager
Immigration Nation
The series highlights the human toll of a broken immigration policy, with no one being spared, not even our war veterans
—Ulises Soler, Jr., Director of Corporate Relations
The New American Gothic
this painting makes a strong statement about the working immigrant and highlights the cost of the American Dream
—Luz Varela, Legal Assistant; DOJ Accredited Rep
Curatorial Partners

“Seeding and amplifying immigrant narratives in popular culture to help humanize the national narrative around immigration is such a powerful way to push for culture change on a national and even global level. There are so many diverse immigrant stories on television and in film to engage with right now and I think that’s a sign of the diversity of the immigrant experience in the US today.”
– Elizabeth Voorhees, Chief Strategy Officer

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Everyday, artists, content producers, and cultural organizations give their creative talents, influence, and other resources to the fight for liberty and justice for all immigrants and refugees.