This November, Don’t Look Away

Did you know that there are over 32 million Latinx voters who are eligible to vote this election? We have the power to shape the outcome of this election and make the U.S. a better place for all of us, but only if we vote.

Use the links below to check your voting status and more. We’re promoting full participation of Latinx and immigrant communities throughout Texas in the upcoming election cycle. By making sure Latinx and immigrant voices are heard at the ballots this November, we will fight for a more equitable future for all.

Find Your Polling Place

As RAICES, we promote the full participation of Latinx and immigrant communities in the upcoming elections.

The underrepresentation of Latinxs and immigrants in elections has had a tremendous impact in policy. The health and wellness of Latinx communities have been ignored and disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Immigrant families who have been ravaged by the disease, have suffered both emotional and economic losses. These losses hit too close to home, and we’re reminding our communities members and allies to not look away.

The U.S. can be a better place for all of us if we fight for migrant justice together. In the streets, at the halls of congress and this year, at the polls.

Want to join us in the fight to get Latinx and immigrant voices heard this November? Click below to sign up to be a Migrant Justice Warrior.