COVID-19: How You Can Help

During this pandemic, millions of immigrants have been forgotten by the government and in many cases, targeted and detained by ICE regardless of the consequences. The following list of federal and local demands are policies that will help undocumented workers, migrants at the border and people in detention during this Coronavirus crisis. This is the time to take action, and ensure that ALL OF US are protected. Here’s what you can do to stand with our immigrant sisters and brothers.



Support the Coronavirus Immigrant Family Protection Act to Ensure Immigrants are Included in the Relief Package Bill


ICE must use their discretion to stop arrests and release everyone in immigration detention. #FreeThemAll


DHS must allow for families and organizations to post bond online.



End SB-4, stop the arrest and detention of immigrants, include undocumented workers in state health, testing, and economic relief efforts.


Call On Texas Governor Abbott to Urge ICE to Free Detained Immigrants & Asylum-Seekers.


Mutual Aid

Engage in Mutual Aid

Donate to a Local Relief Fund

Support Groups Who are Supporting Undocumented Workers