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Written in the Stars

An award winning young-adult novel, Written in the Stars follows the story of a Pakistani-American girl, Naila, whose immigrant parents adhere to their conservative traditions when it comes to Naila's relationships, and Nailia's struggle to reconcile that with an American childhood. A great story to understand the nuance of how culture carries across migration, and the conflicts that can be felt by anyone choosing new paths to their own definitions of freedom. Publisher's Weekly says of the book, 'Movingly conveys the intense cultural pressure that motivates Naila’s parents and the heartbreaking betrayal Naila feels as she is deprived of her rights, cut off from the outside world, and threatened with shame and death. Saeed includes resources for those who, like Saif’s family, wish to help real-life Nailas, in this wrenching but hopeful story.'
—Alma Sove, Development Copywriter
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