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Change the Narrative, Change the World

“Seeding and amplifying immigrant narratives in popular culture to help humanize the national narrative around immigration is such a powerful way to push for culture change on a national and even global level. There are so many diverse immigrant stories on television and in film to engage with right now and I think that’s a sign of the diversity of the immigrant experience in the US today.”
– Elizabeth Voorhees, Chief Strategy Officer

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Define American, along with the Norman Lear Center’s Media Impact Project at USC Annenberg and the Writers Guild Foundation, presents their second annual television impact study: Change the Narrative, Change the World: How Immigrant Representation on Television Moves Audiences to Action. The report examines the portrayal of immigrant characters on 59 scripted television shows that aired last year and surveyed viewers on how three immigration storylines changed their willingness to take action in the real world on immigrants’ behalf.
Define American is a culture change organization that uses the power of narrative to humanize conversations about immigrants. Our advocacy within news, entertainment, and digital media is creating an America where everyone belongs. Learn more at