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Borders of Freedom/Contornos de Libertad

This is an online video exhibition featuring six artists living in El Salvador and its diaspora, whose work addresses the concept of freedom from different perspectives, connecting it with intimacy, spirituality, gender, migration and sociopolitical context. Collectively, the works address the theme of freedom and consider what the artists identify as constraints of freedom and ways in which to deal with these issues. Abigail Reyes' piece, “Si Señor + Ser Secretaria”, is a video that takes clips from popular Latin American telenovelas where the secretary/executive assistant is responding to her boss, “Si señor”. The video analyzes the role of secretary (historically a female dominant job) and highlights a power imbalance between secretary (typically a woman) and boss (typically a man) through repetition. Toward the end of the video we see recordings of actual secretary work spaces with commentary from the secretary about being in the field and the impacts on themselves as women. Borders of Freedom aims to centralize creative dialogue by artists located in El Salvador as well as across the United States. You can learn more about this exhibition at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition's website. LACE offers a bilingual description of this exhibition on their website. Click here to see photos/read more. This show closes on December 15, 2020—watch it before it closes!
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