Stop Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Cruel ‘Migrant Bus’ Program

A 3-year-old child seeking asylum reportedly faced medical distress on one of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s infamous ‘migrant buses’ — and died.1

Governor Abbott’s actions under his anti-immigrant Operation Lone Star are marked by human rights abuses, civil rights violations, blatant overreaches of power — and, yes, even death. By design, Texas’ policies and practices inflict maximum pain and suffering on parents and children who are in pursuit of safety and security — of the right to survive.

Since 2022, Governor Abbott has trafficked 30,000 human lives across state lines to cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia — in a flagrant attempt to dehumanize families and inflame anti-immigrant sentiment.2

Add your name. Tell the Biden Administration: Stop Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Cruel ‘Migrant Bus’ Program.


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