Biden-Harris Immigration Actions Equate to False Promise of Access to Humanitarian Relief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 5, 2023
Press Contact: Jessica Ortiz, [email protected]

San Antonio, TX – In response to the Biden-Harris Administration’s New Border Enforcement Actions RAICES released the following statement.

In practice, the Biden-Harris Administration’s proposed measures resurrect the worst of the previous administration’s immigration policies and eviscerate the established process and practice of seeking asylum.

The new measures provide a false promise of access to humanitarian relief and are insensitive to the realities experienced by immigrants in urgent need of refuge.

Under the myriad life or death circumstances that drive individuals and families to request asylum, it is preposterous to expect that they can book a flight and download a mobile app to make an advanced reservation for protection.

The reality is that these measures perpetuate and expand the punitive approach to immigration enforcement that elected officials have increasingly relied upon in recent years to destroy the legal and human right to asylum.


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