In 2018, the world watched in horror as U.S. immigration officials ripped children away from their families at our Southern border. Although family separation quickly made national headlines, the inhumane practice continued, and the world moved on. Now, we finally have the chance to act on behalf of migrant children.

Mother who was in detention with her son, Coritza.

The Children’s Safe Welcome Act, which is currently making its way through Congress, would establish protections for migrant children who arrive at our borders. This bill would reimagine what immigration policy looks like in our country, increasing minimum health and safety standards for children, prohibiting family detention facilities, guaranteeing legal representation for unaccompanied children, creating a process for keeping families together, and so much more.

These children need protection from our cruel, inhumane immigration system. We must bring communities together to fight on their behalf.

Sign the petition today. Let’s raise our voices in unison and demand that Congress prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of immigrant children. We need the Children Safe Welcome Act.