Take the Pledge: I will fight for Migrant Families separated by the U.S. Government

Four years ago, activists across the country marched declaring “Families Belong Together,” demanding that the U.S. government end Zero Tolerance, a policy that tore migrant families apart at the border. While protests have died down and the Zero Tolerance policy has since been rescinded, migrant families who survived this cruel and heartbreaking period in our nation’s history are still waiting for justice.

At RAICES, we are still fighting alongside the families separated under this policy to defend their rights after being forcefully torn apart by the U.S. government.

These families need resources to heal from the state-sanctioned violence they experienced. By choosing to seek safety and refuge in this country, our government cost them everything, including their children. To win justice for migrant families torn apart by the U.S. government, we will need supporters like you to join us for the journey ahead. Can we count on you to use your voice and your power to #FightForFamilies? Sign the pledge.