Karnes Family Immigration Prison as an Adult Immigration Prison: Why Expedited Removal and Immigrant Detention Must End

The U.S. Government touts The Karnes Detention Center as a so-called “model” facility for the detention of immigrant families and individuals — but the self-purported reforms of this facility fail to mask the inherent horrors and barriers to safety that exist in immigration prisons around the country.

Since 2014, RAICES has offered free legal services to anyone detained at Karnes through the Karnes Pro-Bono Project. Under a universal representation model, our team provides services at least five days a week to anyone seeking them.

When the RAICES Family Detention Services program takes on a client at Karnes, that means we offer direct representation and social services to support each step of the way.

By sharing this report, we hope that you will echo our calls for the end of immigration prisons and the use of Expedited Removal, and stick with us in the months ahead as we continue to fight for public reparations for migrant families torn apart by the federal government.