RAICES Joins Advocates at Supreme Court Demanding End to Racist ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy in Biden v. Texas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Press Contact: Jessica Ortiz, [email protected]

“Our laws unquestionably allow asylum seekers who present themselves at the U.S. border to request asylum. When people cross borders, their human rights come with them.”

Washington, DC – Today, hundreds of advocates rallied on the steps of the Supreme Court ahead of oral arguments for Biden v. Texas, which will decide whether the Biden Administration can end the Trump-era program known as Remain in Mexico that forces asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for decisions in their U.S. immigration cases. RAICES joined immigrant-justice advocates in Washington, D.C. to urge the Supreme Court to reject the lower court’s decision, uphold the ability of the Executive Branch to enact the will of voters, and give the Biden administration the authority to permanently end Remain in Mexico.

At the rally, Tami Goodlette, Director of Litigation at RAICES said:

“Today, we are here to hold the Supreme Court accountable to the will of the people. The Biden v. Texas case is a critical juncture for our democracy, as the Supreme Court will decide whether the states of Texas and Missouri can undermine our laws and the will of millions of voters. The Supreme Court must reject the lower court’s decision and ensure President Biden and future administrations have the autonomy to implement their own policies, and that the harm imposed on migrants seeking safety in our country from the cruel and immoral Remain in Mexico policy comes to a final end.

“Our laws are crystal clear: Everyone who arrives at our border has the right to request asylum and a person who fears persecution cannot be sent to a place where they are in danger. When people cross borders, their human rights come with them. The Supreme Court must allow President Bident to end Remain in Mexico once and for all.”

Allen Morris, Policy & Government Affairs Strategist at RAICES also said:

“Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy was designed to inflict the highest level of suffering on families and children for choosing to seek safety in the U.S., especially Black migrants. The policy was implemented during an influx of Haitian and Black migrants coming to the U.S. border, who were then subject to additional abuse, racism, and displacement in an unknown country. Black asylum seekers face rampant racism in Mexico and they are more likely to be denied asylum.

“From kidnapping, trafficking, extortion, rape, and inhumane conditions, the Remain in Mexico policy has caused an alarming human rights crisis since the Trump administration first created and implemented it in 2019. After going through violent, dangerous journeys for a chance at safety in the U.S., tens of thousands of children and families have been unlawfully turned away at our doorstep and sent to dangerous makeshift camps with no proper shelter, water, food or medical care.

“Instead of providing care and safety for migrants, the U.S. is actively choosing to create an environment of rampant danger and abuse where vulnerable people are at an increased risk of violence and exploitation. It’s poignant and telling that the U.S. has issued travel warnings and restrictions for the same cities where they are dumping migrants under Remain in Mexico. These cycles of suffering have been going on far too long. The Supreme Court must overturn the lower court’s decision and put an end to this racist Trump-era policy.”

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