Tweet at your Members of Congress: Block all attempts to extend Title 42

The number of turncoat Democrats in Congress who are publicly supporting a new Republican bill package that would not only extend, but also codify Title 42 into law and destroy the asylum process is growing.1 We cannot sit back and let this happen.

Title 42 is a cruel and racist Trump-era policy crafted by white nationalist Stephen Miller to stoke anti-immigrant fear and hate in the middle of a global pandemic. Now, even after the CDC affirmed that immigration is not a source of pandemic spread and the Biden administration announced the policies wind down, some Democrats are joining Republicans in fighting to keep this racist policy alive. Two administrations have used Title 42 to prevent thousands of Black and Brown immigrants from exercising their legal right to seek asylum. It’s way past time for this hateful policy to end.

We must make it clear to every member of Congress that we are watching, and that any and all attempts to codify Title 42 are blatantly racist actions aimed at preventing Black and Brown people from seeking safety in the U.S.

Tweet at your members of Congress to demand that they block this “Stephen Miller Bill” and do everything they can to end Title 42.


  1. Burgess Everett and Holly Otterbein.More Dem Senate hopefuls split with Biden on border,” Politico. April 18, 2022.