Shameful Second Anniversary of Title 42

The United States has long guaranteed the right to request asylum without being turned away— but all that changed on March 20, 2020.

That fundamental right to seek asylum was suspended when the Trump Administration invoked Title 42, an archaic U.S. public health law being baselessly used to prevent asylum-seekers from seeking safety at our southern border.

Learn more about Title 42 in this 60 second video originally published September 2021.

The current administration continues to renew Title 42 even though President Biden promised a fair and humane immigration system on the campaign trail. Under President Biden, the government has expelled more than one million migrants and asylum seekers under Title 42. The Trump administration expelled 400,000.

President Biden Insists on Keeping One of Trump’s Worst Policies, originally published in April 2021.

There is absolutely no reason we cannot repeal Title 42. The courts have highlighted the harm this policy causes on families seeking asylum. Title 42 also harms Haitian and other Black migrants at the border. We can protect public health and welcome those seeking protection at the same time, just like we have for non-asylum seekers throughout the pandemic.

It’s time to end the attack on the asylum system. This is a moment of truth for President Biden: he promised to turn the page on the cruelty and racism of the previous administration, yet the inhumane, racist Title 42 border closure is still in effect. He must act immediately to #EndTitle42.