RAICES endorses Day Without Immigrants

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, February 14, 2022
Press Contact:
Jessica Ortiz, [email protected]
Carlos Eduardo Espina, [email protected]

“Our communities are sick and tired of being forgotten and ignored.”

San Antonio, TX – Today, thousands of undocumented and documented immigrants and allies will participate in a nationwide Day Without Immigrants. Immigrant communities and allies will not go to work, not go to school, and not spend money in an effort to make an economic impact and show the country the importance of immigrants. This movement began with Carlos Eduardo Espina, an immigrant himself, Eduardo used his massive Tik-Tok platform to call on all immigrants to strike on this day. In support of the Day Without Immigrants, RAICES released the following statement from Erika Andiola, Chief Advocacy Officer:

“Today, thousands of immigrants are withholding their labor and buying power to send a message to Democrats: Our community is sick and tired of being forgotten and ignored. We are not expendable. RAICES is proud to stand with this powerful grassroots movement.

“Time and again, Democrats have promised undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship on the campaign trail, but have summarily failed to keep their commitment when they take office. President Biden is no different. He promised relief for asylum seekers, but has turned his back on them and failed to keep his campaign promises for citizenship.

“Democratic leaders in the House and Senate too have failed to take any bold and necessary action to ensure immigration provisions remain in the Build Back Better bill and keep thousands of undocumented immigrants safe from deportation and detention. They have abandoned their commitments, and our communities are paying the price.

“In 2021, U.S. judges issued almost 15,500 deportation orders while ICE ramped up border patrol and increased the number of people in immigration detention under Biden’s watch. The challenges immigrants have faced for generations are still here, and so are we.

“RAICES supports the Day Without Immigrants. And if Democrats’ continue to ignore our communities, we can promise you that today’s strike is just the beginning. Our movement is only getting stronger.”


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