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Juan Reyna is a husband and father of two children who deserves to be reunited with his family after a year in detention. We acknowledge the ongoing work the Congressman has dedicated, however, more can be done. Rep. Lloyd Doggett has the leverage to pressure ICE to free Juan Reyna.

Rep. Doggett must use every tool at his disposal to free Juan Reyna, such as;

  1. Sending a public letter of support for Juan Reyna
  2. Personally calling the San Antonio Director of ICE, Jose Correa, to free Juan Reyna from detention.

Rep. Doggett has the opportunity to fight to reunite a family and fight for the freedom of one of his own constituents. Will he commit to fighting to free Juan Reyna?

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Juan Reyna is a husband and stepfather to two children, 9 and 13, who have been waiting for his release for over a year.

RAICES attorneys have been working hard for months to get Juan out of detention after being pulled over by Border Patrol and arrested on his way to work. Juan is not a threat to public safety or a priority for removal.

Representative Lloyd Doggett represents Texas’ 35th district in Austin where Juan is currently being held and has the leverage to pressure ICE to immediately release Juan and reunite a family who have built their whole lives here in Texas.

Juan’s wife, Guadalupe, should not have to go through the stress of providing for her children alone. Juan’s 9 and 13-year-old step children should not have to go through the trauma of being separated from their father for almost a year.

Deportation is family separation. Use your voice and make a call to Representative Lloyd Doggett to fight to keep families together and free.