Take Action to Protect DACA now

The Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently proposed new regulations that, if adopted, would weaken DACA and convolute the DACA application process.

The proposed rule would separate DACA’s deferral for deportation and employment authorization benefits, which would:

  • Make the program vulnerable to court challenges that could strip DACA recipients of their ability to be employed.
  • Complicate the application process for eligible people and for the government to process.

If DHS adopts the new DACA regulations as written, it would significantly weaken the program.

That’s why RAICES is collecting public comments to urge DHS to revise the proposed rule and keep DACA intact, as it was written in 2012. The more comments we submit, the louder our voices become to make sure DHS keeps DACA whole. Will you submit a comment now?