RAICES Demands President Biden End Title 42 after the D.C. Circuit’s Decision in the Huisha Huisha Case

San Antonio, TX – Today, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Biden administration’s request to stay the lower court’s order in the Huisha Huisha case. That order prohibited the application of Title 42 to families. Thus, today’s ruling is yet another blow to immigrants by the Biden administration. In response, Tami Goodlette, Director of Litigation at RAICES, issued the following statement:

“The Biden administration should have never appealed this case. The lower court said Title 42 was likely illegal and should not be applied to exclude families from seeking asylum in the U.S. But rather than allow families to seek refuge in our country — which is legal under U.S. law and international law — the administration chose to further promulgate the Trump administration’s racist and xenophobic policies by appealing this case, and then proceeding to expel thousands of Haitians from Del Rio, Texas under Title 42. The Biden administration has lost its way and needs to remember its promises from the election. Migrants deserve better. Our country deserves better.”

RAICES has worked alongside the ACLU, ACLU Texas, Texas Civil Rights Project, The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, and Oxfam America on this case.

Jessica Ortiz
[email protected]