The Supreme Court just denied the government’s request for an emergency stay in Biden v. Texas. This ruling will force the Biden administration to restart the cruel Remain in Mexico (MPP) policy. When the Trump administration enacted MPP, it systematically dismantled the asylum process and caused unnecessary harm to tens of thousands of asylum seekers who had already experienced dangerous, and often violent journeys for a chance at safety in the U.S. This policy was designed to inflict the highest level of suffering on families and children seeking refuge in the U.S. by forcing them to stay in Mexico — in makeshift camps, many with no proper food or clean water — while their immigration cases move forward in court, a process that could take months and even years. That is unacceptable.

The Supreme Court’s decision violates its precedent and allows one judge in Texas to dictate the immigration policy of our country and intervene in our foreign affairs. We cannot sit back and let this happen. We must demand that the Biden Administration act swiftly to protect asylum seekers and put an end to MPP once and for all. Will you take action now? If we can push the Biden Administration to issue a stronger memo, it can block MPP from being enforced, and even end it for good.

Edwin in Matamoros carrying his child through a refugee camp

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U.S. Supreme Court Decision Enables Violence Against Asylum Seekers. Biden Must End MPP Now.