Victory: Yacouba is free

We are pleased to share that ICE released RAICES client Yacouba from detention thanks to the persistence and hard work of RAICES attorneys and the activism of more than 3,000 RAICES community members who made calls and sent emails to ICE demanding Yacouba’s freedom.

After being separated from family for nearly a year, Yacouba will be able to meet his U.S. born daughter, gain access to the asylum process, and get the medical care he needs to manage his chronic asthma. Yacouba wished to share the following message with those who took part in his freedom campaign:

“I am so grateful for all of your help and support. I hope God blesses you all forever.”

While we continue to take action and respond to the urgent migrant crises around the world, it is equally important to reflect and celebrate wins like Yacouba’s freedom. We look forward to continuing our advocacy efforts to #FreeThemAll with the RAICES community.

Thank you again to our members who took action to #FreeYacouba. Your activism worked.

Victories like this one are made possible through the support of our community. To join us in the fight for migrant justice, click here.