Tell the Biden Administration: End MPP and Title 42

U.S. immigration enforcement is still turning away thousands of asylum seekers, many from Black majority nations, at the border because of two racist Trump-era policies still on the books.

Title 42 stokes anti-immigrant fear and hate by supercharging expulsions at the border in the name of protecting public health. Despite our efforts to push the Biden Administration to end Title 42 and vocal opposition to the policy from health experts, President Biden is still continuing to enforce it, undermining people’s internationally protected right to seek asylum.

Thanks to public pressure from activists like you and RAICES litigators who are challenging Title 42 in court, the Biden Administration is starting to chip away at the policy. Recently, it ended Title 42 for unaccompanied children at the border, but that is not nearly enough. We need the Biden Administration to end Title 42 for everyone.

MPP is still on the books because a federal court judge in Texas ruled to stop the Biden Administration from ending it. However, the President could have done more to restrict this dangerous policy but instead, his administration expanded MPP to apply to migrants from countries across the western hemisphere. That is unacceptable.

Title 42 and MPP are policies that have harmed our immigrant communities for two year. Two years is too long to wait for bold and decisive action from a president who promised to protect immigrants on the campaign trail. Now is the time to remind President Biden that refusing to end Trump’s Title 42 and MPP is the fastest way to lose the support of the Black, Brown and ally communities who gave Democrats control of the White House and Congress in 2020.